Palletizing heavy bags of flour

Palletizing bags and bundles of flour
February 18, 2022
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Palletizing bins of paints and enamels
February 18, 2022

Czech mill relies on Europack for the construction of its automated palletizing system.

The customer, a flour producer in the Czech Republic, needs to palletize his paper bags directly from the packaging line. The latter are of different sizes and reach up to 40 kg in weight, too heavy to handle manually.

Features of this bags palletising line :

The proposed line reflects the most basic features of our lines given the typical necessities of less complex production plants, such as mills. Palletizing is carried out on two pallets on the ground, which once completed, are promptly changed by an operator, all in the complete safety of the protection devices certified by Europack.

A line with manual pallet change is optimal for production plants with limited available space and not too demanding production capacities.

The product comes directly from the bagging line through special belts. Consequently, the bag is prepared for palletizing thanks to a roller conveyor with square rollers, suitable for moving the product inside the bag, and a roller to flatten it and optimize it for the grip.

Why Europack?

Europack has been offering solutions like this for many years, suitable for automating even the narrower production spaces, and improving the production efficiency of small businesses. All of this always keeping the health of the operators always at the center. Moreover, this example shows how simplicity requires meticulous work where the system must run perfectly, prerogatives of our lines.

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