What is a palletizing system?
A palletizing machine is a robot, which provides automatic means for stacking cases, bags, bins, bundles of goods or products onto a pallet. Discover more about our palletizing systems

Industry 4.0, are Europack systems compatible?
Yes, all Europack systems have the possibility to be interconnected and are perfectly in line with Industry 4.0 guidelines. Discover more!

How long does it take to amortize a Palletizer?
I need to palletize products with different shapes and sizes, do I have to buy more than one Palletizer?
Absolutely not, Europack systems are able to manage multiple types of products, through multi-socket heads or with a simple gripping head change, all controlled by the integrated software within the system.
How long can a palletizing plant last?
It depends on many factors, as working environment, number of cycles, maintenance readiness. Europack is still doing maintenance on some of the first machines produced more than 20 years ago.
Are Europack Robots standardized?
No, each system is customized according to the customer's needs. There are several variables as production, space and product needs.
Can all types of products be palletized?
It depends on several factors. The products need a certain amount of compactness to be palletized, and there are dimensional and load limits for each single product.
Why should I automate my end of line?
Do you have doubts? Try reading this article and discover more about advantages of End of Line Automation
How much space do I need for a palletizing plant?
It depends on the needs and requirements. The smallest of Europack machines takes space for about 12 square meters.
How long does it take to install a palletizing system?
It depends on its complexity. The installation usually takes about a working week, but more complex systems can significantly increase this time.
Does Europack provide after-sales service?
Europack is able to provide remote or on-site assistance, according to the system and customer needs.
If my palletizing system has a problem, do I have to wait for your intervention on site?
Our newest machines can also be remotely monitored, in order to act promptly, and immediately solve any raised issue. In some countries Europack even has resident service partners on the territory, in order to be even more timely in case of need and direct intervention.
Is there a maximum weight Europack system can handle?
Europack robots can handle up to 50 Kilos per product.
What is meant by cycles / hour?
It is the maximum number of movements to palletize the product(s) that the Robot is able to perform within an hour. It is not to be confused with the number of products that can be palletized in an hour, since there may be the possibility of lifting more products with the same cycle.
How can I choose the system that best suits my needs?
You don't have to choose it by yourself, we help you to do it according to your needs. Contact us for a free evaluation.
How does maintenance work?
The machine, through a digital screen, warns the operator about the necessity to carry out maintenance work. Operators will be trained by Europack in this regard, or Europack itself will deal with it, quickly and at competitive costs.
Who trains my operators?
Europack trains them once the machine has been installed. A user manual is also provided containing all the necessary information for the correct use and maintenance of the system.
Is it difficult to interact with the Palletizer?
Absolutely not, the use of the machine is simple and intuitive, and is performed by touch screen. Operators will be trained on the use of the system and a technical manual will be provided after installation for any doubt you might have.
My products need to be palletized in different ways, how can I solve my issue?
Europack systems can manage multiple palletization schemes, even with different products. If you have any doubts about the feasibility, put us to the test! Contact us!