Coils Palletizing/


up to
480 cycles/h

Europack has been supplying the world's leading manufacturers of welding wire for years, whom recognize the reliability and quality of our systems.

Full line supply

Our solution does not only concern palletization, but the supply of the complete line with the necessary machines which, starting from the bulk product, guarantee the entire packaging process.

The customer will only have to worry about feeding the line with the bulk product, while the line will:

  • Take the reels from the pallet and deposit them on a suitable conveyor.
  • Place the labels on the reels.
  • Pack the reels with shrink-wrap.
  • Box the coils.
  • Apply the labels on the boxes.
  • Palletize the boxes with a special electromagnetic head equipped with a counter-excitation device to ensure a demagnetizing effect on the product.
  • Handling the empty and / or full pallets to ensure the correct function of the line.

In short, a complete line entirely dedicated to this particular product and its needs.

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A single point of contact
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We design the system together with you

We manage all production internally

We test the system before shipping it

We install the system


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