Palletizing bins of paints and enamels

pallettizzatore sacchi pesanti
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Italian manufacturer of paints, enamels and coatings for construction, confirms its trust in Europack for its new palletizing plant.

For more than 40 years, our customer has been present in the Italian market. The company is part of a multinational group that operates in the world of construction, automotive, packaging, naval and aeronautics. For the third time now, it relies on Europack to palletize its products.

The requirement is to palletize plastic buckets containing wall paints of two different weights: 20 and 24 kg, for a total production capacity of 300 and 240 cycles per hour.

Features of this bins palletising line:

The line is configured with an initial conveyor for the receipt and withdrawal of the product from the filling line, and is integrated with pneumatic devices for the singularization and compaction of the product. The Winner 400 is in charge of this process, palletizing on two pallets located on the ground which will then be managed by an operator, once loaded.

The flagship of the line is the gripping head, which is integrated with a device designed to correctly orient the handle of the bucket in the same direction. This device allows, with the help of a laser sensor, to recognize the exact position of the handle, ensuring in this way a correct overlap of the buckets.

Why Europack?

The customer has chosen us not only for the continuity and quality of the services offered over the years, but also for the ability to adapt and meet different needs. As in this case, a complicated product to manage like plastic buckets, are palletized efficiently, with a precise orientation and without causing damage to the handle.

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