Palletizing bags and bundles of flour

pallettizzazione scatole di stucco
Palletizing putty boxes
February 18, 2022
pallettizzatore sacchi pesanti
Palletizing heavy bags of flour
February 18, 2022

Palletizing bags and bundles of flour

Leading company in the construction of plants for the packaging of products in pouches and bundles, relies on Europack for an important US order.

For several years, our customer has been relying on us for the realization of the end-of-line processes of its packaging lines. The order mentioned was requested by one of its American customers in the agri-food sector, who operates in the production of wheat and flour.

The peculiarity of the request is the high capacity required and the variety of packages, both in terms of size and format, that the production must satisfy.

More precisely, the process comprehends the packaging of flour both in bags of 10 and 12 pounds and in bundles of 12, 6 and 4 pouches, all in different sizes and weights.

Features of this burdens palletising line:

The customer needs to handle up to 1200 bags /h. Such levels of productivity can be satisfied thanks to the possibility of picking-up more than one product within the same robot’s cycle of movement. The robot Winner 800, the most powerful in terms of hourly capacity of the Winner series, is in charge of this process.

The head is designed for the management of both bags and bundles thanks to a combined device of forks and pliers. In this way a single robot can manage several production needs with a simple click in the control panel.

The product is palletized on an American pallet (40''x48''), which is automatically managed by a feeding warehouse. This is a suitable solution for the highest production capacities, in order to maximize the robot's working cycles.

Why us?

We have been chosen for the ability to satisfy with the same product different production needs both in terms of capacity and size of the palletized product. Europack makes customization and listening to the customer its strengths.


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