Palletizing fertilizer bags

What is a Palletizer?
February 4, 2022
pallettizzazione multiprodotto
Multi-product palletizing
February 4, 2022

Palletizing fertilizer bags

Italian chemical company relies on Europack for the realization of an automated palletizing line for fertilizer bags.

Our customer has been operating for many years in the field of fire dust and fertilizers. For the second time relies on Europack for palletizing its products, in this case fertilizer in granules, packaged in open-mouth polyethylene bags.

Despite a fairly low line capacity, the weight of the bags, 25Kg each, makes manual palletizing complicated and risky.

Features of this bags palletising line:

The palletized products must reach 1800 mm in height without smudges in palletizing. The line handled by Europack includes the picking-up of the product from the previous bagging line combined with an automated pallet handling line.

The pallet is picked-up through a system integrated into the gripping head and placed in the automated roller conveyor, completed with a paper interlayer positioned by the robot head too.

This solution allows the system to avoid operating downtime due to the change and replacement of the loaded pallet, as usually happens due to operator safety reasons.

At the heart of the system operates our Winner250/ ER that with its gripping head with side bulkheads and presser, guarantees quality in palletizing. In addition, the use of integrated interlayer and pallet handling devices, allows a complete automation of the two tasks further reducing the space required.

Why us?

The customer has relied on us not only for the quality of the line offered, but for the constant level of service offered since 2004, the date of construction of the first plant.

For almost 20 years we have managed and provided scheduled maintenance and prompt assistance allowing the line to remain efficient and productive until today.

What are you waiting for to find out what Europack can do for your production plant?

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