Multi-product palletizing

Palletizing fertilizer bags
February 4, 2022
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Palletizing putty boxes
February 18, 2022

Agri-food Italian company with more than 200 years of history, relies on Europack for the realization of an automatic palletizing line of vegetable oil and wrapping machine.

Our customer was born as a farm yet over the years became a processor and trader of the most varied vegetable oils.

The necessity to handle packaging of different materials (cardboard boxes and plastic crates), with different dimensions and weights (from 10 to 25Kg) and variable line capacities (from 200 to 500 cycles / hour) has made it necessary to customize the end-of-line system.

Features of this multi-product palletizing line:

The use of the same palletizer for the manage of multiple products, with different dimensions and cadences, is possible thanks to the use of a multi-gripped head. This one, with a simple touch on the display, adapts itself to the required production needs in a flexible way and without the need of a direct intervention on the machine. The automatic roller conveyors then bring the loaded pallet to the wrapping machine, which was provided by one of Europack's long-standing partners.

Why us?

The customer has relied on us for our ability to provide a complete line, flexible and suitable for his needs, which moreover only occupies a narrow space. Europack is the sole contact who manages and integrates the entire line in full autonomy, being also in charge of the required interactions with the various partners, in this way avoiding any kind of concern for the customer.

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