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Automatic Palletizing Line for Bags and Boxes of Corrosive Material

A German company belonging to an international chemical group, chooses Europack for palletizing corrosive material packed in mixed packaging.

Our customer produces salt for a variety of industrial and food purposes and requires the flexibility to palletize this corrosive material with the same application in both bags and boxes.

Features of this plant for palletizing corrosive material:

Working conditions for palletizing corrosive product present some challenges that recommend a careful selection of automation materials. We then equipped the automation with the robot base, hardware, and cable duct in anti-corrosive AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel. The motors, both of the robot and conveyors, are specific anti-corrosion. We also painted the robot and transports with C4 epoxy. The multi-product gripper head was anodized. With these arrangements, the plant can palletize a highly corrosive product such as salt for very long periods, minimizing the effects of corrosion over time.

The robot selected for this palletizing of corrosive material is the SCARA Winner 800 Green, capable of performing up to 720 cycles/hour, equipped with the K.E.R.S. (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) feature, a technology that reduces the machine's energy consumption (down to -70%) by leveraging its kinetic movements.

We have received many requests over the years for palletizing systems for corrosive materials with mixed packaging. In cases like this (bags + cartons) we can provide an application that handles the different formats in separate production batches (not together) or an application that can palletize bags and cartons simultaneously, placing them on different pallets with independent palletizing schemes.

Why did the customer choose Europack?

Europack has built up in its 25 years of experience significant know-how in the palletization of corrosive materials and can provide customers with knowledge and advice tailored to the materials to be handled. In this way, corrosion will remain under control for a long time, with a satisfactory service life of the plant. The palletization software is particularly user-friendly and allows even an inexperienced operator to program new schemes without the help of our technicians.

Do you have a need to palletize corrosive material? Have you had troublesome experiences because of the corrosiveness of the materials you handle? Not sure if your corrosive material can be safely handled by a palletizing robot? Call us for a first opinion: Europack has the right solutions for your anti-corrosion needs, for productivity from 240 to 720 cycles/hour.

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