Palletising Flour Bundles

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December 20, 2022
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Palletizing of corrosive material
February 14, 2023
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A major Italian manufacturer of pouch packaging systems relies on Europack for the end-of-line production of one of its Polish customers.

The end user is a mill that needs to palletise bundles of flour.

Characteristics of this flour bundles palletising line:

The product is the classic bundle of 10 1kg pouches of flour, thermoformed with plastic film through a suitable oven. This arrives at the palletising line on a motorised belt, capable of handling the product in such a way as to singularise or couple the bundles according to the type of picking required. The length of the belt is also sufficient for the product to cool down once it comes out of thermoforming.

The production line has a capacity of 600 bundles/h managed by a robot model Winner 500 ER and a Europack gripping head for single or multiple pickings . The products to be handled in the bundle palletising line differ slightly in size depending on the brand of the pack, but thanks to a user-friendly user interface supplied with the WINNER CONTROL EP20 panel, palletising recipes can be simply programmed or changed.

The line is completed with automatic devices for handling both the pallet and the paper sheet, which are integrated in the robot gripping head. These allow the picking and depositing of a pallet (in this case format CP1 and CP2) from a warehouse on a motorised roller conveyor, guaranteeing continuity to the production line until the pallet stack in the warehouse is exhausted. This solution saves space by not having to implement third-party systems, managing everything from the gripper head.

Why Europack?

Why rely on us to implement a flour bundle palletising line? Because thanks to the experience gained both with various manufacturers of automated lines and with end customers, we are familiar with the needs of the product and are able to offer a line that integrates and adapts easily to the customer's requirements.

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