Palletizing wooden pellet bags

pallettizzare secchielli
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February 18, 2022
Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0
June 16, 2022
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Palletizing wooden pellet bags

Italian company producer of cutting equipment for the wood industry

Relies on Europack for the end-of-line of pellet bags plants of its customers. The case in question is that of a Polish pellet producer company.

Features of the wooden pellet bags palletizing line:

Bagged pellet packaging lines benefit from automatic palletizing, as they usually manage a product that is difficult to handle both because of its weight (often in 15 kg format) and the lack of compactness of the bag. The line in question handles more than 4 tons of pellets per hour, in the classic 800x1200 mm Euro format.

The line, connected by a conveyor to the packaging machine, initially prepares the product thanks to the flattening offered by a squared roller conveyor, which, by moving the pellets inside it, makes it optimal for picking them up and depositing them on the pallet. All this without the need of additional presses or rollers.

The offered model is a Winner 250/ER, entry level of our catalogue, suitable to satisfy less demanding production capacities, taking up little space but at the same time offering a flawless palletizing.

The robot palletizes directly on a pallet positioned on the ground, as the capacities could be easily managed by an operator.

Why us?

Our customer is used to propose Europack palletizers to all his customers in the pellet world. Reliability, high level of customization and advanced technical assistance make Europack an ideal partner with whom to interface.

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