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Palletising Pet Food Bags

The end customer acquired through our distributor in the Benelux region is an international company offering complete and innovative feed solutions for organic livestock farming. With annual sales of around 9 million tonnes of animal feed, it is a leading company in Europe in its field.

In this specific project they needed a reliable and flexible palletising line for bags of pet food (horse muesli), capable of handling products of different weights and sizes, with different customisations to suit different specifications.

Features of Pet Food bags palletising line:

The line handles up to 700 open-mouth paper bags, whose weights can vary between 10 / 15 / 25 kg, with dimensions of approximately mm. 500x840x150. The bags are palletised on different pallet formats, i.e. Euro and CHEP, up to a maximum height of 2000 mm.

Product feeding line arrives on pick-up point through motorised conveyors, which are equipped with devices to identify broken/out-of-specification bags, but also to press and prepare the bag for the picking phase. Before this, there is also a special section of idle roller conveyors where the broken bags are deposited while those out of specification are palletised on a special pallet on the ground.

The palletising robot for pet food bags is a Winner SCARA 800 GREEN, controlled by a Siemens PLC 1500 control system, equipped with a fork pick-up head with side bulkheads and presser, specially designed to handle products packed in bags.

The line is equipped with automated pallet handling thanks to an automatic dispenser, which feeds an empty pallet via chain transports, thus allowing both space optimisation and high production capacity, as the robot can concentrate only on palletising task. As already mentioned, next to the pallet line there is a pallet on the ground, which is used to handle the waste bags.

Why choose Europack?

The customer placed its trust in Europack, not only because of our expertise and agility in setting up a line capable of communicating with machines both upstream and downstream of the line (especially in the design phase), but also because of a very flexible system that is very easy to use. In fact, the Siemens system that manages it allows a customisation and creation of palletising recipes that can be handled even by an inexperienced operator after only a few hours of training. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can change the palletising format with a few touches of the display and monitor production for each production batch.


Would you like to verify the benefits of integrating an automated palletising system into your production cycle? Contact us and let's evaluate them together!