Palletizing Distillate Boxes

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Palletizing Distillate Boxes

Historic Italian distillery, specializing in alcoholic beverage for haute patisserie, relied on Europack for the palletizing and end-of-line of its new boxes packaging line.

The customer needs to palletize boxes of different sizes and weights, from 2 different packaging lines, on as many palletizing lines. All handled by a single palletizing robot.

Features of the box palletizing line:

The different types of boxes range from a weight of 5 up to 8 kg, with dimensions from 170x166x270 mm. up to 240x300x220 mm., and a capacity to handle up to 600 boxes/h.

The boxes arrive by means of a modular mesh conveyor belt, suitable for receiving, preparing and picking them. The palletizing robot used in this case is a WINNER 1000, i.e., the integration of an ABB IRB 660/180 model, while retaining all the features at the software level and all the devices of the WINNER robots of our production.

The boxes palletizing line consists of two roller conveyors, each dedicated to a specific feeding line, which are fed by an automatic pallet dispenser by means of a shuttle. The robot is equipped with a customized carton picking head, with electropneumatic control of the magnetic cylinders for gripper movement, allowing single or multiple boxes picking according to the palletizing scheme selected. The head is also integrated with a paper sheet picking device by means of suction cups, these are precisely applied to the empty pallet to increase its stability.

The two boxes palletizing lines then converge into one by means of catenary conveyors. This line is used to bring the loaded pallet to an automatic wrapper machine with rotating platform, supplied by one of our partners and integrated/managed by Europack. Once wrapped, the pallet is ready to be stored.

Why choose Europack?

We were able to propose a highly customized and flexible line, meeting all customer needs. In addition, we integrated the automatic pallet wrapping line and communicated with the manufacturer of the downstream packaging machines to define line’s design and allow optimization of the signal exchange.


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