Why should I automate my End of Line?

What is a Palletizer?
February 4, 2022
What is a Palletizer?
February 4, 2022

End-of-line automation as a critical factor for business success

More and more companies are deciding to automate the end of line as a strategic and decisive choice for improving company competitiveness.

The decision to automatically manage the final part of the production process and the warehouse brings to many benefits: operating costs reduction, efficiency improvement as well as safety increase.

Technological progress has also increased the importance of optimizing production and packaging lines, in order to maintain the market position and increase operating margins. Today, the speed and flexibility of production processes are rightly considered critical success factors within any manufacturing company.

Let’s see in more detail the reasons why companies should equip themselves with these technologies, necessary to increase their productivity and competitiveness and avoid a series of problems related to the use of outdated systems or the execution of the activity in manual way.

We will focus more on the benefits deriving from the automation of the palletizing process (read also what palletization is, link), one of the main activities of the end-of-line and Europack core business for more than twenty years.

So what are the advantages of using automated systems for end-of-line management? Let's summarize the main ones:

  • Goods stability
    An automated palletization guarantees the stability of the product on the pallet, a fundamental characteristic for the handling and transport of goods, for the safety of the operators, as well as to avoid non-quality costs due to incorrect palletization.
  • Performance consistency
    An automatic system guarantees consistency and efficiency in the management of products, which are difficult to obtain with the use of human resources alone.
  • Return on Investment
    Compared to manual palletization, an automatic palletization system allows a Return on Investment (ROI) of about 3-5 years. Manual placement of goods on pallets is time-consuming and can put a strain on workers, subjected to a great waste of energy and extremely repetitive use of their time. What better way, therefore, to safeguard the health of workers, and at the same time use them in tasks with greater added value?
  • Productivity Increase
    An automatic palletizing system can automate the entire process, requiring human intervention only when the pallet is completed and allowing your process to be more efficient. A palletizing system, after adequate maintenance, does not have productivity drops or cycle interruptions. The results? Faster and more efficient stacking, time optimization and reduction of operating costs and idle time.
  • Higher Safety
    The Robot handling area is made inaccessible, under penalty of shutdown, to safeguard the safety of workers. Manual palletization involves the risk of frequent accidents, which are thus avoided thanks to the use of an automatic palletizer A palletizing area reduces the interaction with the operators and solves the problem of compliance with the regulations on maximum loads that can be carried by hand.
  • Improvement of warehouse management
    Stacking similar products together makes it easier to manage warehouse and inventory. The increased organization due to the use of a palletizer, reduces the possibility of product dispersion, facilitating the identification and verification of products within the plant.

Do you want to verify the benefits of integrating an automated palletizing system within your production cycle? Contact us and let's evaluate them together!