Case Study

22 maja, 2023

Palletising Flour Bundles

14 kwietnia, 2023

Palletising Pet Food bags

Automatic Palletising Line for Pet Food Bags (Horse Muesli) with capacity up to 720 cycles/h.
14 lutego, 2023

Palletizing of corrosive material

Automatic Palletising Line for Sacks and Cartons of Corrosive Material. Multi-product gripping head up to 720 cycles/h.
7 grudnia, 2022

Palletizing Canisters

Discover this Europack palletizing line for canisters of different sizes and with different productivity.
7 listopada, 2022

Palletizing of valve and open-mouth bags

An Italian company, chooses Europack for palletizing valve bags and open-mouth bags for chemical powder packaging.
3 sierpnia, 2022

Paletyzacja pudełek z paszą dla zwierząt

Zoptymalizowaliśmy produkcję dwóch linii pakowania pudełek na żywność za pomocą naszego paletyzatora, dowiedz się jak!
1 czerwca, 2022

Palletizing bags and bundles of flour

The peculiarity of this palletizing system is the high capacity required and the multitude of packages that the production must satisfy.
1 czerwca, 2022

Palletizing wooden pellet bags

Find out how we can palletise 15kg bags of pellets with flexibility and precision.