Palletizing of Pet Food Boxes

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Palletizing without pallet
June 24, 2022
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KERS System
October 18, 2022
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Palletizing of Pet Food Boxes

A company producing pet food uses Europack robot palletisers to manage its warehouse.

The company is a long-standing customer of ours as they have purchased a second palletising line, this time for its boxed products, after the first one which can handle both bags and bundles.

Within the same production plant, different pet feeds such as birds, rodents, dogs and cats are produced with different types of packaging. The customer's need was to integrate a palletising system capable of easily interacting with two existing box packaging lines and their conveyor systems, in a restricted production space.

Features of this animal feed boxes palletizing line:

The Europack palletising plant is designed to integrate smoothly with the existing production process. Capable of handling both product infeed lines, which consist of upstream case packers, it is set up to palletise animal feed boxes of different formats on both Europallet and CHEP formats. The fodder boxes arrive from two conveyors of different heights, and form the pallet on two parallel roller conveyors depending on the type of product.

The latter are special low-profile roller conveyors with a height of 80 mm, which are suitable for picking up the complete pallet with a hand pallet truck and can be handled easily in confined spaces.

The robot used is a Winner 600 model with KERS energy-saving system, which is capable of reconverting the kinetic energy used during braking phase. This is equipped with a gripping head capable of handling not only the feed boxes, but also the paper flap and pallet, allowing complete line automation with a reduced overall space.

Why Europack?

The excellent relationship developed with the customer together with an optimisation of the layout that took place directly in the company's production department are the fundamental elements that led the customer to renew his trust. Combined with excellent technical support that has continued to be offered for more than 8 years.

This feed box palletising line not only increases efficiency at the production level, but also safeguards the health of the employees and allows them to be employed in tasks with greater added value.

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