Palletizing line for boxes
Palletizing Distillate Boxes
9 czerwca, 2023
Palletizing line for boxes
Palletizing Distillate Boxes
9 czerwca, 2023
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Comparison: Winner vs Industrial Robot

Anthropomorphic or industrial robots, from different brands, are often the most common and widely used solution when it comes to robot integrations in palletizing lines. This happens not only because of the resonance and size of these brands but also because of the actual power, versatility and compactness of their models.

Europack has been involved in creating automated palletizing systems for more than 25 years, mainly with robots of its own design, which differ from most solutions on the market. The robots of our line “WINNER” are column palletizers with a rotating arm that act on 4 axes of motion. In this article we are going to analyze what features make our robots different and what we consider "winning" compared to industrial robots.

A necessary premise: Europack's mission is to accompany SMEs toward their automation process, which is why we focus on satisfying medium/low productivity; in fact, our systems reach up to 700/750 movements per hour. We integrate ABB robots ourselves for higher productivity.

Advantages of WINNER palletizing robots:

  • Price:
    We do not consider this a determining factor, but the mechanical construction of a system designed only for palletizing is inherently cheaper than complex robots created for the automotive world. In addition, the segmentation of our portfolio into different models that vary in productivity allows us to offer cheaper models for less demanding productions. That said, we invite you to read our article on how long it takes a Europack system to pay for itself.
  • Energy Savings:
    All Europack palletizers we manufacture feature an energy saving system, known as KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System); this is an implementation that allows the recovery of kinetic energy through the interconnection of the 4 motors that control the axes of motion. In a nutshell, we reuse the energy required to implement the braking phase during the acceleration of the new axis involved, like a dynamo. All with a savings of up to 70% compared to an anthropomorphic robot: if you want to learn more read this article.
  • User-Friendly Experience:
    From the very begin of our business, one of our founding pillars has been to create a palletizing system that is affordable to everyone, especially to less technically proficient personnel, capable of overcoming complex control keypads more commonly found in systems with industrial robots. After several years of experience, we can boast a very intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface, with a multitude of options that allow for an agile user experience.
  • Direct contact with manufacturers:
    Being ourselves direct manufacturers of the robots and not integrators, allows us to take a step out of the supply chain and ensure easier and faster management of service and spare parts. This is also thanks to a warehouse with the main spare parts always available.
  • Developed only for palletizing:
    Unlike traditional robots born for the automotive world and adapted to various other tasks, including palletizing, our models are mechanically developed and designed only to perform the task of palletizing. This, combined with more than 25 years of vertical experience on this product, allows us to provide an optimized and highly efficient system.
  • Customization from A to Z:
    We can customize not only the product gripping head, which varies according to both the type of packaging and its size, but also the robot itself, being able to offer solutions with a lowered column for the tightest environments but also columns with increased height and a longer rotating arm for taller pallets or the most particular picking points.

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