Palletizing of valve and open-mouth bags

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19 października, 2022
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7 grudnia, 2022
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An Italian company belonging to a multinational chemical and integrated energy group, chooses Europack for palletizing valve bags and open-mouth bags for packaging chemical powders.

The customer needs a palletizer that can easily handle different types of bags with different productivity and sizes.

Features of this valve and open-mouth bag palletizing plant:

The bags come from two production lines (valve bags and open-mouth bags) of 120 and 180 bags/hour, respectively. The robot used is a Winner 500 capable of handling bags flow and empty pallets placement. This line can handle more than 7 tons of chemical powders per hour. Valve and open-mouth bags are palletized in the 1000 x 1200 mm CEP format.

At the beginning of the palletizing cycle, the robot picks up the empty pallet and places it into the powered roller conveyor. The multifunction gripping head quickly sets up for bag handling, picks up the bags from the powered roller conveyor by combining the action of the side plates and the pressing device, which, both during bag transport and following its placement in the pallet, ensures that not only valve bags, but also open-mouth bags, are flattened for a geometrically correct palletizing.

The palletizing software supplied with the Winner 500 is easy and user-friendly, making it possible for the operator to choose different palletizing patterns without complications. Additionally, the software allows new patterns, both for valve and open-mouth bags, to be uploaded quickly and smoothly.

Why did the customer choose Europack?

The line integrates perfectly within the production plant thanks to the level of flexibility offered. The compactness of the entire application, the more than 1.000 Europack robots installed worldwide, along with the ease of maintenance, convinced our customer to choose us.

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