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Pliers Picking up Head (Picking-up heads for boxes)

Europack - Pliers Picking up Head (Picking-up heads for boxes)

The Pliers Picking up Head is mainly used for palletizers in the material handling industrial equipments.

  • Devices suitable for handling one or more boxes.

  • Customized systems for American boxes or trays with lids.

  • Specifically designed for handling medium heavy packages with whichever contents

  • It is able to pick up/place boxes by single, multiple, in lines or in layer pick up.

  • It can be equipped with special device to handle boxes with upper cover.

Technical Features

  • Picking-up head made of an aluminium and stainless steel frame.

  • Emercency stop device in case of accidental collision.

  • Independent electropneumatic command pliers.

  • Support and movement of the pick up pliers with linear unit guide and recircle sphere bearings.

  • Synchronization by means of gear and racks.

  • Device to detect the presence of the product which is going to be picked-up.

  • Electrical and pneumatic equipment set on the machine.

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