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Forks Picking up Head (Picking-up heads for bags)

Europack - Forks Picking up Head (Picking-up heads for bags)

  • Devices suitable for handling bags.

  • Systems for picking up and depositing bags and for pressing them, diversified according to bag type.

  • Specially designed for handling bags from Kg.5 to Kg.50 with whichever contents.

  • It has 3 models according to different kind of bags and its Mosaic palletising scheme.

Technical Features

  • Picking-up head made of an aluminium and stainless steel frame.

  • Emercency stop device in case of accidental collision.

  • According to different picking up head:
  1. Manual Adjustment by hand wheel of the distance between the two parts of the head to palletise different widths bags.
  2. Lateral bulkheads to held the bags so as to accompany it during the fase of unload.
  3. Pusher to guarantee a better level of the bags.
  4. Gradual opening of forks in order to place slowly the bag.
  • Synchronization by means of gear and racks.

  • Device to detect the presence of the product which is going to be picked-up.

  • Electrical and pneumatic equipment set on the machine.

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