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Electromagnetic Picking up Head (Picking-up heads for reels)

Europack - Electromagnetic Picking up Head (Picking-up heads for reels)

  • Electromagnetic devices for handling ferromagnetic wire reels.

  • They can also be used for ferromagnetic cans.

  • It can be supplied with 2 models: with permanent magnet or electromagnetic.

  • It is specially designed for ferrous materials, as drums and reels of welding wire. In the electromagnetic model we can supply the counterexcitement device of magnet and tamponage of batteries.

Technical Features

  • Picking-up head made of carbon steel frame.

  • Emercency stop device in case of accidental collision.

  • Steel case containing permanent magnets or electromagnets.

  • Feeding electric devices and magnets control.

  • Transistor electric device to quickly discharge the product from magnet and guarantee a degmagnetizing on the product (optional).

  • Electric device equipped with buffer batteries in order to guarantee the keeping of picking up head in case of lack of electric grid (optional).

  • Device to detect the presence of the product which is going to be picked-up.

  • Electrical and pneumatic equipment set on the machine.

Tags: robotic end of line palletizing - pallet packaging solutions - electromagnetic picking up head

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