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New Robotized Palletiser WINNER K

Europack - New Robotized Palletiser WINNER K

Among the most important innovations presented at IPAK-Ima, our brand new robotized palletiser Winner K gained a great success. Winner K is the natural evolution of the palletising robots of the Winner series, with the major difference that production performance substantially doubles.

Winner K retains the main features of the robotized palletiser such as flexibility in creating and modifying the palletising schemes and the superimposition of sewn bags.
The layer formed is compacted by lateral pressers. The gripped bag is conveyed to a guillotine table and deposited. When the layer has been completed, the products are compacted and released on the mobile platform, that descends, recompacts and deposits the layer of products directly on the pallet standing by on the roller conveyor.

  • A wide serie of dedicated accessories available (automatic apllet dispenser, interlayer application, automatic wrapping machine, etc...)

  • Possibility to work on two opposed lines

  • Because of some of the features and innovations installed, the machine is covered by patent.

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