Interlayer handling

Europack - Interlayer handling

  • A special device placed on product picking up head handles paper and/or plastic interlayers.

  • The managing software allows to choose how many interlayers have to be used for every typology of product and/or pallet.

Technical Features

  • Interlayer picking-up group fixed on the product picking up head.

  • Lifting in height device electropneumatically commanded.

  • Picking up and deposit of interlayer according to palletising programme.

  • Suction made of natural rubber with Vacuum effect produced with "venturimetro".

  • Store made in steel structure to stock the interlayers.

  • Photoelectric cell signalling interlayers in exhaustion.

  • Electrical and pneumatic system set on the machine.

Tags: interlayer handling - materials handling robots - paper interlayers - plastic interlayers

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