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Industry 4.0
June 16, 2022
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August 2, 2022
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Dutch organic fertilizer company chooses Europack palletizers to handle its plastic bags.

The customer is a major manufacturer of low-carbon fuels that needs to manage organic fertilizers derived from poultry manure. This order was managed by our distributor for the Benelux market with whom we have been collaborating for many years. The line deserves particular attention for the customer's need to be able to palletize his product without the need of a pallet position, rather directly on cardboard sheet positioned in a belt conveyor, which moves the load directly into the container, ready to be shipped.

Features of the bag palletizing line without a pallet:

The production capacity is demanding, about 900 bags / h, with a weight of about 25 kg per bag, which are arranged with a 5 format on a cardboard sheet of 1200x1000 mm. The bags come directly from a vertical packaging machine by means of a belt conveyor, followed by another square roller for flattening the bags, assisted by a motorized roller that allow an optimized grip of the product.

The product is managed by an ABB Anthropomorphic Robot. Although it is not part of the Winner series, we integrate this solution to achieve particularly high production capacities, while maintaining all of Europack know-how. The experience is the same of a Winner robot, both at software level, as the user interface between the models is the same, and both mechanically as all the accessory components, such as the gripping head, are designed by us.

As already pointed out the composition of the pallet is carried out on a cardboard sheet, and not on a wooden pallet. This particular production requirement serves to support the logistic line of the customer, who wants to transport the product directly in the container without further storage. At the discretion of the customer, there is also the possibility of palletizing directly on a wooden pallet.

Why Europack?

Here not only comes into play a relationship of more than 15 years with the distributor in question and a strong presence in that market, but also the ability of Europack to adapt to the needs of the customer. Our palletizing lines are able to reach high production potential without sacrificing the quality of service.

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