Palletizing putty boxes

pallettizzazione multiprodotto
Multi-product palletizing
February 4, 2022
Palletizing bags and bundles of flour
February 18, 2022

Well-known company operating in the production and commercialization of chemical products, relies on Europack for the palletizing of its powder putty line.

For more than 30 years, our customer has been offering chemical and dye solutions for companies in the tanning sector and relies on Europack for the palletizing of the powder putty production line.

The peculiarity of the line can be appreciated in the final packaging of the product, which despite it being dusty, it is placed in a box after being bagged.

The American type cardboard boxes are palletized on a CHEP pallet. Due to their weight of 25 kg, the product requires an automated palletizing system to ensure both the production process efficiency and continuity, as well as the workers’ health.

Features of this boxes palletising line:

The supply starts with a 90 °motorized curve, where the bagged product is packaged directly in the boxes, all controlled by a single operator. The reduced capacity allows this operation to be completed confidently and in full safety.

The focus of the Europack palletizing line lies in the box closing device, which is designed to automatically close and seal the upper flaps of a box. The closing device is positioned alongside the transport belt that goes from the packaging machine to the palletizing robot.

This last operation of palletization is performed by our Winner 250 on a pallet which is located on the ground.

Why us?

The customer has chosen us for the ability to recommend the most suitable solution based on its needs. Thanks to carefully done studies, we have been able to align all production needs offering a highly customized system. Europack's high adaptability and flexibility make it an ideal partner for managing your end-of-line.

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